Speedy Lester Returns for Parkview.

Parkview won their 3rd consecutive state title last year in Georgia's largest classification, and there was a state-wide misconceptions that they were just a big, strong, slow team that was able to overpower other teams but didn't have much speed.

Brad Lester went a long way to disprove that theory, but for him to establish himself as one of the premier backs in the south, he is going to need to do it as a senior without Zeb McKinzey, David Overmyer, and Brandon Pilgrim in front of him.

Lester is a true 4.4 forty player at 183 pounds, and while he is a bit light, he is extremely strong. Parkview has maybe the top strength and conditioning program in the state of Georgia, and Lester is another testament to its efforts. At 5-11 and 183 pounds, Lester benches 300, squats 495, and power cleans 335. He has quickness and power to play running back or defensive back on the next level.

Lester did not begin the season as a starter, but when Sean Dawkins was injured midway through the season, Lester literally took the ball and ran with it.

"I had 1,621 yards and averaged right at 8.9 or 9.0 yards per carry," said Lester. "I don't really pattern my game after anyone; I try and have my own style. If I can't run past someone, I want to try and use my strength to break a tackle."

Lester has already shown what he can do with the ball in his hands, but this year he is likely to start at corner as well. He can play both on the next level, and he will be one of the most heavily recruited players in the state of Georgia this year.

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