Barbell Bending LB Anchors Chamblee.

Travis Chambers has a problem. When he tells people what he is able to do in the weight room, no one believes him.

"I have a 325 pound bench," said Chambers. "I squat 700 pounds. No one believes me when I say that," added Chambers with a laugh. "I have to show them. We have this one bar in the weight room that got bent so bad that we can't use it any more. We just leave it in the corner."

The only thing that might match Chambers' leg strength is his toughness. He broke a bone in his hand in the middle of last season and only missed one practice when he had to go get a cast put on. He finished the season with 166 tackles and five sacks as a junior, and he will be a focal point for Chamblee's defense.

Chambers is not going into the season as an unknown. He was named MVP at linebacker at one of Florida's camps last year, and he looks to be heading there for a summer camp again.

Chambers gets it done on the field and in the classroom. He has well over a 1000 SAT and is pushing a 3.0 GPA. He will have no trouble qualifying.

Now if they could only find a squat bar to hold all of that weight.

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