Case Ready to Lead Harrison

Harrison made an undefeated run through the regular season last year with star seniors such as Paul Oliver, Jon Abbate, Tim Cesa, Scott Lenahan, and Jason Evans. While the Hoyas will miss the Fab 5 from the class of 2003, the cupboard was not left bare. James Case made All-County as a junior, and he is ready to step up into a feature role this year.

The first time I went to practice at Harrison I was looking for the class of '03. I could pick out most of the guys I was looking for based on what I knew about them, but I was having trouble finding Tim Cesa. There were two guys wearing single digit jerseys lining up at tight end, and they were both 6-2 and 230 pounds. One was Case, and one was Cesa. The big difference for the Hoyas this year is that Case is back and Cesa is playing at Maryland next season.

Case has grown since last year and is now a solid 6-3 and 240 pounds with a 4.7 forty time. He's not finished growing either. With a size 14 shoe, he's likely to play in the 6-5 and 265 pound range on the next level without missing a step. With five of his teammates going to five difference schools last season, who has the early edge for Case?

"I want to go to Georgia," said Case. "My sisters are up there, and I've always grown up wanting to play for them ever since I can remember. I go to all of the games up there, and I love the campus and the atmosphere. The thing is, Georgia is about the only team I haven't heard much from yet. I'm looking at all of the big time football schools in the south."

Football isn't the only thing on Case's mind, he is an excellent student that has already made a 20+ on his ACT and will have no trouble qualifying. He is big, quick, and strong, and he is only going to improve on those three traits. He will definitely be a player to watch for in the class of 2004.

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