Southerland can go either way

Brannan Southerland is a very good two-way prospect from Norcross (Ga.) Greater Atlanta Christian High School. Southerland plays middle linebacker and fullback. Last season, he recorded 147 tackles and rushed for 650 yards. But what he did best you can't see in his stats. GAC tailback Micah Andrews (Wake Forest signee) rushed for over 2,800 yards and Southerland helped pave the way for his outstanding senior season.

"I will sacrifice my body for my tailback," Southerland said. "I am not afraid of contact and I don't care how big they (defenders) are. I have good blocking technique, good hands and I can run the football. Defensively, I just run and think out there and I am a pretty good athlete."

According to Southerland, he has scholarship offers from Oklahoma, Florida, Wake Forest and Ole Miss. For now, he remains open.

"I like those teams, Auburn, Georgia and South Carolina. I would like to play relatively close to home so my family can see me play. I want to fall in love with whatever school I choose."

A big question for Southerland's future is what side of the ball he will ultimately play because he is good enough to play both positions in college.

"Most schools tell me it really doesn't matter where I play. I can't decide that right now because I love playing both positions. Oklahoma wants me as a fullback and the coach that recruits this area told me (jokingly) he wants to keep me away from the Stoops brothers because they will want to play defense. Florida likes me on either side and Wake Forest wants me as a fullback."

Last season, Southerland placed third in the state in the discuss and he also ran the 110 hurdles. He bench presses 340, squats 465 and power cleans 310.

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