Georgia Strong man is a Road Warrior

The Nike Camps are absolutely ideal for players that aren't as well known to come in and make a name for themselves in a hurry. John Hafferty is one of those types of players. His numbers were outstanding across the board. He ran a 4.87 forty on a fast day, but even with the .1 addition that I have been mentally making to prospects numbers at the Auburn camp, he still came in under 5.0, and that is extremely good for a player that lists 6-3 and 290 pounds.

While the forty times were abnormally fast that day in Auburn, there is no fooling the barbell, and Hafferty finished first of over 400 prospects in the bench press with 43 reps. His shuttle time of 4.6 was also outstanding. Based on physical attributes, he is one of the most gifted interior linemen in the state of Georgia this year. He has been busy on the road already, and he has several camps to attend before it's back to summer practice. Hafferty has already attended camps at Alabama and Colorado. He is currently at Kansas State where his father played ball, and he has Georgia, Kentucky, Ole Miss, North Carolina, Vanderbilt, and Boston College still left on the calendar.

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