First official visit down for Kamara

Alabama has three running backs on their commitment list, but they are pursuing another one like they have none. They want Alvin Kamara in their 2013 class and they had him on their campus this weekend.

Alvin Kamara has spent many hours in Tuscaloosa over the past 12 months. He has been an Alabama target for some time and the Tide are the first school to host him on an official visit.

"On this visit, I got the chance to spend time with the coach's families and just see how they act around each other," said Kamara when asked about how this official visit was different from previous unofficial visits.

Kamara liked what he saw. "They all have fun, so it is for everyone around them to have fun too."

The official visit to Alabama was fun, but it was a business trip for the top running back in Georgia too.

This official visit and the one to Georgia next weekend are big for Kamara.

"These official visits are really important to me. Basically these next two weeks are crucial in making my decision because I can get questions answered and compare the schools to each other."

Alabama passed their test.

"They answered all my questions and I expected nothing but honesty. Nothing they said surprised me because I wanted nothing but the truth."

Head Coach Nick Saban is one of the most respected coaches in any game out there and he shot it straight to the 5-foot-11, 192 pound play-maker out of Norcross, Ga.

"Coach Saban really talked to me about the mental aspect of it all. He talked to me about being in their system, what it is like to live there, and we did talk about the depth chart some, and how it can be productive. He really talked to me about the value of me at running back too."

Saban explained to Kamara that use him to create match-up problems for opposing defenses.

Some have wondered about the Alabama depth at running back, this class having three running back commitments, and how Kamara would feel about joining that situation, but he has no fear about competing.

Even with running back Eddie Lacy forgoing his senior season, that does not even help the Crimson Tide.

"Eddie and I had gotten kind of close over the summer, so if he had stayed, I wouldn't have had a problem with it," Kamara said. "With him leaving, it doesn't give Alabama an edge though. I still feel the same way about them either way."

That feeling he has about 'Bama is pretty strong in a positive way.

"Reflecting on my visit, Alabama is so high on my list because I can honestly see myself there. I am definitely comfortable with the players and the coaching staff. I could see myself having a role there if I do things right and take advantage of the opportunities presented to me."

Kamara will visit Georgia next weekend, then he will have a big decision to make.

Expect the No. 12 running back in the country to announce his decision before Signing Day.

"I will most likely know where I am going after next weekend," Kamara said in closing.

Chad Simmons is currently a National Recruiting Analyst for FOX Sports/Scout. He started with Scout in 2003 and then moved on to another Recruiting Service from 2004-2008 before returning to Scout the first of 2009 to become South Recruiting Manager.
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