Picture Gallery: Stephenson vs. Tucker

There was a wealth of talent on the field when Stephenson hosted Tucker Friday night at Dekalb Memorial Stadium.

There was an amazing display of talent on the field on Saturday night when Stephenson hosted Tucker at Southwest Dekalb Memorial Stadium. Stephenson came out on top in the scrimmage, but there were no losers for high school football fans who got to see some of the best players in the state.

The Scrimmage featured 5 of the Top 25 players in the State for the class of 2004, and there were several other talented players to watch.

Here are some of the images from the action Friday Night.

Breon Rogers is warming up before the game

Josh Johnson (facing) has a look of contempt for his opponents at the captains' meeting.

The big night brought out the College players as well as Stephenson Alum T.J. Gartrell (left) and Kregg Lumpkin (center) brought along Jarvis Jackson (right) for the game. Also in attendance were Georgia Tech Freshmen Reggie Ball, Avery Roberson, and Kenny Scott.

James Swinton is pictured getting his equipment checked. Swinton made a nice diving catch across the middle in the first half.

Jonte Coven wasted no time getting Stephenson going. This long run was on the first play from scimmage.

Thomas Brown turns the corner. One of his most impressive plays of the game was reeling in a Stephenson running back from about 10 yards behind.

#19 Brandon Lang is a force at defensive end.

Josh Johnson had a monster scrimmage, bringing down both D.T. McDowell and Thomas Brown in the open field in the first half.

Lang and Brown Catch a breather on the sidelines.

#9 Michael Grant dives over Raeshon Ball. Ball came up with the interception on this play.

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