Brannan Southerland of GAC sets two visits

<b>Brannan Southerland</b> has narrowed his list of schools to 6 and set two official visits.

Brannan Southerland is a First Team All-State Fullback by and, and he is ranked the #13 player in the state of Georgia by He helped GAC get off to a fast start with a 45-7 shellacking of Lovett last Friday night, and with an off week this weekend Southerland is going to take advantage of an official visit.

"I only had three carries on offense on Friday night, but I had two touchdowns" said Southerland. "They stacked 8 or 9 at the line of scrimmage, so it was hard to get the fullback the ball. I had about 12 tackles on defense though and had a couple tackles for loss. I went to Auburn last weekend for that game. It was a good atmosphere, and they have nice facilities and everything. I had a good time even though they got lit up by USC."

"We're off this weekend, so I'm taking an official visit up to Notre Dame. I'm also going up to Oklahoma on November 7th. I've narrowed my list down to six schools. I like Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Georgia, Auburn, Florida State, and Florida. They're all pretty even right now."

Southerland has his choice of positions for the most part. He is an outstanding fullback and equally as dangerous at linebacker.

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