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CES/GAVSV Player of the Week - Defense

<b>Jae Thaxton</b> of Hart County is the <a href="">Competitive Edge Sports</a>/ Defensive Player of the Week

Jae Thaxton of Hart County High School was made a 1st team All-State selection by based on the fact that he is healthy this year. He didn't play to the level of his capability as a junior because of a lingering back injury, but he is healthy now. No one knows that better than defending 4A state champion Thomson, who Thaxton helped blank last week.

For his efforts, Thaxton was named the Competitive Edge Sports/ Defensive Player of the Week for Week 1. Thaxton registered 21 tackles, two tackles for loss, and two quarterback hurries, one of which led to an interception. After not playing to his potential because of injuries last year, Thaxton was eager to get back on the field this year. He showed why last Friday night.

"I just felt good all night long," said Thaxton. "I was really ready to play. It had been building up all summer, and Friday night I just got to let it out. I was doing the same back exercises this summer that I had been doing. At the same time I was trying to get bigger and faster. That's not easy to do, put on weight and get faster, but I got up to 220 and got my forty down to 4.63 this summer. We did a lot of tire pulling this summer, " answered Thaxton when asked what he had done to get ready for the season.

How dominating was Thaxton and Hart County's performance?

"I know we held them under 150 yards of total offense, because that was one of our goals on the night. I think we looked better than I thought we would in the first game. But our goals haven't change. We still want to win out through the regular season, win the region, and go on and win state."

Thaxton's Hart County team is off this weekend, and he said he will try and take in the Auburn/Georgia Tech game in Atlanta this weekend. He and his Hart County Teammates will be well-rested for their game against Mundy's Mill next week, and that's bad news for the Tigers.

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