Lowndes tries not to Ware out its welcome

Lowndes Head Coach Randy McPherson knew something that no one else seemed to know. He has himself quite the program at Lowndes High School.

McPherson never said it would be easy, but so far, the Vikings are running through everyone.

But the roadblock has been set up somewhere on the road to Ware County this weekend. Both teams are undefeated which will leave only one happy group after the weekend.

"They are a very good team", says McPherson, "They have a big stadium, there will be tons of people there...It's a great atmosphere for football."

Lowndes and Ware are no strangers to one another. These teams used to be in the same region. But even after the split, the two always seem to find each other in the middle of the season.

"We won a real tough game against them last year", says McPherson, "It was a real close game. Our kids right now are not concerned with our undefeated record. We are familiar with Ware County, the kids know who they are playing this weekend."

It's hard to look ahead on the schedule when you have a team like Ware to take on. But realistically, the Vikings could be undefeated before the annual Winnersville Classic with Valdosta.

But before we get too far ahead, there's a huge task staring McPherson and Company right in the face.

"We always preach that at the start of the season, there is a certain way to do things. You have to improve every week. But you can't improve if you're not willing to work. We've had a great week of practice. If you aren't willing to get better, then someone else will."

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