Competitive Edge Sports/ Defensive Player of the Week."> Competitive Edge Sports/ Defensive Player of the Week.">

CES/GAVSV Player of the Week - Defense

<b>Garrett Luddeke</b> of Brookwood is the <a href="">Competitive Edge Sports</a>/ Defensive Player of the Week.

Brookwood snapped a five game losing streak to their most bitter of rivals last Friday night when they were able to trump Parkview 35-21 in the Big Orange Jungle in Lilburn. The game was not decided until the very last minutes; that's when Garrett Luddeke intercepted a Todd Faulkner middle screen on the goal line and stepped across into the endzone. That play sealed Brookwood's win and snapped Parkview's 46 game winning streak.

For his efforts, Luddeke is this week's Competitive Edge Sports/GAVSV Defensive Player of the week.

"Garrett had four tackles and six assists with a quarterback hurry and one interception on the night," said Brookwood Head Coach Mark Crews. "He's a senior that was a reserve last year for us. This is his first year starting after we graduated so many players last year. He has worked hard and paid his dues, and he's doing a good job for us this year. He's stepped up and kind of the leader of our defense. We've been real proud of his success so far."

What did that play mean to Brookwood and Coach Crews?

"We've lost to those guys five straight times, and with two of them, it came down to a final drive just like it did last week. Where we'd punt the ball down and see them score on their final possession. So you have to have that in the back of your mind as you kick the ball to them with two minutes left. But Garrett's play kind of sealed it for us, and then we could start to celebrate a little."

And celebrate they did.

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