Cairo hopes to avoid Packing Season this weekend.

Cairo Head Coach Tom Fallaw understands what it takes to coach a young football team.

"Our attitude is still fine. The kids attitudes are still fine. They know they can be a good team...we've played some good teams, we just make too many mistakes."

Cairo has quite the task this Friday night as they travel North to Moultrie. Colquitt County is 2-1, their only loss coming to Thomas County Central.

"Colquitt is always good", says Fallaw, "They play good, sound, fundamental football. They force you to make some mistakes."

Mistakes have been the biggest problem in Cairo this season.

The Syrupmakers lost by 8 in week one and 8 in week three. Two games that could have, and according to Cairo, should have been victories.

"It can be frustrating if you let it", says Fallaw, "If you dwell on one loss it can be a long season. It'll get to you if you let it. We have 10 seniors and we're going to find a way to win instead of making excuses why we didn't win."

Fridays game will be the 4th straight on the road for Cairo. As the schedule looks, the Syrupmakers only play 4 home games, with 6 on the road.

But as all good coaches do, Tom Fallaw makes sure that his kids stay focused on Colquitt, and not on returning to Cairo.

"We want to go 1-0 every week, that's our philosophy. We never build up any game more than another.

We need to take care of business this week. There will be about 6-7,000 people in Moultrie. It's always a good atmosphere.

It's 5A, South Georgia always want to be a part of that."

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