Cairo Hopes That Home Cookin' Is to Their Liking

It's already the 2nd week of October and Cairo has yet to play a game at home. But that will change this Friday night as the Syrupmakers play host to Fitzgerald.

On a normal home week, the school would be filled with banners and pep rallys, but it's fall break at Cairo High School which for the coaches is a nightmare.

But despite the fact that Cairo has been off 2 of the last three weeks, Tom Fallaw says he's proud of how the guys have stayed focused.

"The off week didn't help us", says Fallaw, "we were off two of the last three weeks. We made mistakes against Colquitt and turned the ball over. We have a bad taste in our mouth and really wanted to play last week. But we are definately ready to play."

Cairo has only one win to show for all their hard work. When you look at the losses, Cairo could have easily been 4-0 as well as 0-4. At 1-3, the Syrupmakers will be home for the next couple of weeks, a welcome sign for a team that was starting to miss their own beds.

"It's nice to settle on a routine", says Fallaw, "it's an advantage for our fans and our great band. The kids have handled the road real well, all the coaches thought it went real well."

As for Fitzgerald, they are a beatable team but they are also a team that could bring Cairo to its knees.

"Fitzgerald is athletic", says Fallaw, "they are better than their record (3-2) indicates. They have a good running back and a very athletic quarterback...and their defense runs to the ball...they are a real good team."

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