Lowndes is poised & ready for Winnersville Classic

When asked what the biggest problem this week is, Lowndes Head Coach Randy McPherson gave an interesting answer. It's not the crowd, or Valdosta, but tickets.

McPherson knows more people who want tickets than there are tickets avaliable. But that only means we are at Lowndes-Valdosta week.

erything is more urgent", says McPherson, "All you can do is keep the kids busy, keep them away from the hype, that stuff is for the fans."

No matter how hard McPherson or Valdosta Head Coach Rick Darlington try, kids are kids, and the atmosphere surrounding this game is sometimes overwhelming.

"You get a good feeling playing a game in front of that many people", says McPherson. "Someone is always yelling."

It's cliche to say, but in this type of setting, you can throw the records out the window. Lowndes has been quite the story this season, losing only one game, en route to one of the best seasons in the history of the school.

"I'm pleased with our success", says McPherson, "We haven't even played our best game yet, hopefully we can take care of that this Friday."

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