Hatten makes difference for Wildcats

New Valdosta high coach Rick Darlington didn't get off to the type of start he would have liked ... But after going 1-3 through the first 4 games ... The cats haven't lost ... Among the wins in the streak was last week's 28-26 win at Lowndes.

A big reason for the Cats success has been the play of Senior QB Cedric Hatten ...4 touchdowns, 2 throwing, 2 running ... That is what Cedric Hatten did in his final Winnersville Classic.

Oh did I mention that the Cats beat their chief rivals 28-26 and thanks in large part to said win now find themselves alone atop the region standings.

"It felt great", said Hatton, "we played well and usually when we practice well during the week, we play well on Fridays."

In coach Rick Darlington's offense the quarterback serves as a coach on the field ... When they go option, as the cats often do, the decisions fall on hatten's shoulders and so far his decision making has been impeccable.

"He has come a long way as a quarterback", says Darlington, "making QB decisions, he only has 1 interception all season ... so he has come a long way as a quarterback, not just an athlete"

While his play on the field has keyed the Cats success, his growth off it is what his coach is most proud of

"He is a kid we can count on ... he doesn't miss class, and we don't have to worry about him ... that is what I am most proud of ... he is a great player, but he is a great person too."

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