Cairo tries to beat the South Georgia Giant

Thomas County Central has been one of, if not the best teams in the state of Georgia. Now it's up to Cairo to beat the jolly green giants of South Georgia football.

"They are good", says Cairo Head Coach Tom Fallaw, "whether they are one of the best..we'll see in the end. I'd give them the state title if it were up to me...they are the best I've seen on film."

CCHS can beat you in so many different ways. They have a Charlie Ward like quarterback, and two running backs who run for almost 100 yards per game.

Then there is the defense. One of the most disciplined and athletic crews in the state.

"Their defense is quick and talented", says Fallaw, "Our kids always give them a good game. On offense, they run the split back veer. You have to have all three phases covered. If you concentrate on one, the other two will get you. They have the dive, the quarterback, and the pitch."

To stop TCCHS would take an act of Congress, but Cairo thinks they have the will power and the strength to get it done.

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