Miller County's powerhouse looks ahead to college

Brandon Miller is not your everyday football player...In fact, he's not your everyday athlete either..Miller is ranked on most boards as the number one defensive end in the entire country. That's not bad coming from little Miller County High School in Colquitt.

At 6'4, 218 pounds, Miller can run the 40 yard dash in 4.5, making college scouts foam at the mouth.

"He's a coaches dream", says Miller County Head Coach Ronnie McNease, "We are very pleased with him this year. He's had so much attention from the colleges and he handles it well. He's a great leader and a great role model for this team."

Florida State is high on his wish is Georgia Tech, Georgia, and maybe Alabama.

Most schools would like Miller to play defense, some both, but Alabama wants him as a wide receiver.

Millers season has been up and down because of a freak quad injury suffered while running 100 yard dashes. It has hampered Miller from time to time, ,but won't affect him as he prepares for higher education.

No matter where this kid goes, he'll make Miller County proud. "He'll play...wherever he goes, he'll play", says McNease.

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