Georgia Strong Man names Favorites

<b>Trey Brewer</b> may be one of the most underappreciated prospects in the state of Georgia this year.

GA strongman Trey Brewer has continued working hard in the weight room, and on the field this season. He is one of the most physically impressive prospects in the south. On what was considered a slow track at the MSL Combine in Atlanta, Brewer ran at 4.62 forty yard dash at 5-10 and 220 pounds. The scary thing is, his 4.62 may have been his least impressive stat. He also ran consecutive shuttles of 4.45 and 4.42, and he repped 185 pounds 46 times on the bench press.

He didn't get the ball very much in his role at Osborne, but he is a physical specimen that moves unbelievably well for a player of his size and strength. He doubles as a soccer player in the spring, and his time on the soccer field has improved his lateral movement, balance, and endurance. The 1-9 season that Osborne had hasn't helped with Brewer's exposure, but make no mistake about it, this kid can play.

Who leads for the big fullback?

"I like Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and basically anyone in the south. Alabama is probably my leader, but none of them have offered yet."

What does Brewer like about his favorites?

Alabama: "They have shown me the most interest, and I like Coach Woods a lot. 
Georgia: "I went to their camp, but they just didn't seem interested too much." 
Tennessee: "I've spoken to their coaches and they like me."

Trey Brewer at MSL.

How much has the big fullback progressed in the weightroom?

"Well, I'm 5'11 235lbs right now. I bench 475lbs or 480lbs, and I've squatted 500lbs"

Has Trey considered walking-on somewhere?

"I talk to a lot of 1-AA schools, and they all think I'm going 1-A so they don't offer me. I'd love to walk on to a big time team but I only have an 840 SAT. I have a 3.8 GPA, but I need to do better on the test in order to walk-on somewhere. I'm going to take it again.

Osborne High School ended this season at 1-9

Scott Kennedy contributed to this report.

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