Valdosta looks forward to #9

There's a quote on the Valdosta High School web page that reads, "What seperates the champions from everyone else is the ability to duplicate their achievements."

For the past two months, Valdosta has duplicated its achievements week after week, compiling an 8 game win streak.

This weekend, it's Cherokee paying a visit to Valdosta where Head Coach Rick Darlington will be on the verge of history. It's been well documented that VHS is the winningest High School football team of all time.

With 6 National Titles, 23 Georgia Championships, and 40 Regional titles, there is no pressure on Darlington....yea right!!!

The first year head coach has taken his licks and still has the Cats poised for their first state title since 1998. After a 1-3 start, no one in Valdosta thought this team would be the only one standing in the area.

In any other city, the fans would be going rabid wild over the possiblity of the dome and a state title game, but in Valdosta, anything short of that is a dissapointment.

But considering where this team has been and it's "lack" of titles over the past few years, things are starting to heat up in Valdosta. If there is a such thing as coach of the year in Georgia, or comeback Coach of the Year, it would have to be the head man at VHS, Rick Darlington.

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