Atlanta WR Has Big Offers and Top 5

<b>Gregory Smith</b> is yet another talented 2004 prospect out of Douglass High School. Greg is a tall, swift wide receiver that stands 6'3, weighs 190 pounds, and has been consistently timed by the Douglass coaching staff in the 4.45 range. Smith already is already reporting eleven scholarship offers.

Who are those offers from?

"I have offers from Duke, Georgia Tech, Alabama, Indiana, Mississippi State, Connecticut, Auburn, Oklahoma State, Tennessee, Wake Forest and Oklahoma," said Gregory Smith. "A lot more schools like Clemson, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Florida State and North Carolina State are recruiting me hard and are talking like they may offer."

What are the plans for Greg Smith over the summer months?

"I have already been to Clemson's camp. I may go to a few more individual camps, but I know I am going to two team camps next month. I will also be at the school working out and going through drills four days a week."

What does Smith say about the strengths and weakness' of his game?

"My strengths are just making plays. I am a playmaker. I don't really have one weakness that sticks out. I just want to get better overall. I want to run better routes, get stronger and just do the little things better."

Who are the favorites for Mr. Smith?

"I would say Duke, UConn, Alabama, Florida and Georgia Tech are my favorites right now. I don't have a leader out of those. All schools are equal. I am just going to weigh out all my options."

What about his top five stands out?

Duke - "Up and coming program in the ACC" 
Georgia Tech - "Great QB to play with" 
Alabama - "Really like their Coaches, especially Coach Randolph" 
UConn - "They need guys to make plays and they are a rising team" 
Florida - "Florida speaks for itself, plus they have Chris Leak"

Is their a time frame Smith looks to commit in?

"I don't really have a time in mind. I just plan to commit when I feel the time is right. I have no problem committing early or just waiting out the process."

This Douglass Star is on pace to qualify academically. Smith's GPA is an honorable 3.8 and he scored a 940 on the SAT in the 10th Grade. He is awaiting the return of his latest SAT which he took on June 5th.

Stay Tuned to for all the latest on this Peach State wide receiver.

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