Georgia Lineman Heading Pac 10

Brian Truelove is a defensive lineman for Brookwood High School in Georgia that has made a decision to play on the next level on the West Coast.

"I just got off the phone with the Oregon Coaches," said Brian Truelove. "and I decided to commit to them. I really liked everything about them. Talking with the coaches they were really great. The campus is beautiful. It has this big lake that runs through it and everything. Most all of the coaches that were there that I talked to had been there for more than 10 years. Coaching Stability was one of the things I really looking for. I really like that. I liked all the facilities. They  were just as good if not better than anyone else I had seen. I really felt comfortable while I was out there."

Truelove took and unofficial visit to Oregon at the end of June, and he will be making an official visit sometime next year. Does he have any other visits planned?

"I'm not taking any other official visits; it's only going to be to Oregon. I liked them from the first time they called in May, and they sounded really great. After seeing it, and talking with all of the coaches, I just didn't see any point in waiting. Even if I waited until January, it would still be Oregon.

Truelove has been working hard in the offseason and looked quicker than ever in the spring. He has been hobbled by a hamstring injury this summer, but he is poised for monster season for the Broncos. He has the ability to play on either side of the ball, but where are the Oregon coaches recruiting him?

"They want me on defense. That was another big thing for me. They said they had never seen me play offense, so they were recruiting me for defense."

With recruiting out of the way, Truelove can focus on the season at hand and guiding a powerful Brookwood team back to the State Playoffs.

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