Clinch County Athlete Closes on 1st Scholarship

It's never a surprise when <b>Clinch County</b> is in the hunt for a state title, and this year is no different as the Panthers will be taking on <b>Lincoln County</b> at the Georgia Dome this weekend in the GHSA Semi-Finals. One of the reasons they are back at the Dome this year is quarterback <b>Lamar McKnight</b>.

Lamar McKnight is an excellent athlete that moved to the quarterback position during the fifth game of the season, and Clinch County hasn't looked back.

Colleges are beginning to pay attention to McKnight as well, and he thinks he is close to his first offer.

"UCF has talked about me coming down for an official visit," said McKnight. "I think they're close to offering me a scholarship. They're recruiting me to play wide receiver. Troy State, Clemson, and Valdosta State have been calling me too."

How does McKnight feel about the upcoming challenge of facing Lincoln County this weekend?

"I'm confident for this game. We're not going to try and do anything tricky or anything. We're just going to go right at them."

Should be an excellent matchup this weekend, and McKnight is definitely a player to keep an eye on.

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