Ingram cleans 315 in WACO challenge

Trent Ingram was the top performer at Washington County's annual weightlifting challenge Thursday night in Sandersville, but his best was not as good as WACO's past performance. He lifted 315 in the power clean challenge, but missed the school record of 325.</p>

Forty-three football players power cleaned 225, 20 successfully cleaned 250, and 4 cleaned 275.

"Our accomplishments are a Washington county team record and a nation record for high school football team," WACO coach Rick Tomberlin said.

The Golden Hawks broke its own power clean record in July with 34 players power cleaning 224 and 16 players cleaning 250, all for at least one repitition.

In October Camden County High School broke Waco's power clean record by posting 53 athletes power cleaning 225 and 21 cleaning 250.

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