Preview: East Laurens Falcons

The Falcons will enter the 2006 season with sixty players on the roster. Of the six Seniors listed, only four have varsity experience. The majority of the roster, forty-eight players, will be made up of Freshmen and Sophomores, which will put the Falcons depending heavily on these young men.

On the Offensive side of the ball, the Falcons are improved overall due in part to their returning players. However, due to injuries and transfers, they will still be rather young on the line. Overall the young team shows good potential.

The Falcons' Quarterback position will go to Chris Cephus, Sophomore, 6'2.5", 190lbs. Cephus started five games as a Freshman last season and looks to build on his playing time.

The Wide Receivers have good depth, but they are still young on the field. Look for action out of Chris Thomas, Sophomore. Thomas is a returning starter who will also see playing time defensively as a Cornerback.

Tight End Terrance Lewis, 6'4", 225lb, Sophomore, has good hands. Lewis will also be starting at Defensive End. Alfred Smith, 6'2", 240lb, will also be playing Defensive Line.

At Running Back, look for Michael Holliman, 5'10", 185lb Senior. Holliman is a four-year starter and should be strong this season. In the RB/WB slot, Sergio Wesley, 5'7", 150lb, Senior should be impressive. Wesley is a 3-year starter who will also spend time as a defensive back.

The Falcons will be running a 4-4 defense, with three Senior linebackers returning. The Falcons are depending on the leadership of their returning players to help guide their young team defensively. Johnathan Horne, Sophomore, will be a key player to watch. Defensive Back Sergio Wesley and Cornerback Chris Thomas should both prove to be strong players for the defense. Safety Jarvis Griffin, Senior, will also be a key leader for the Falcons defensively.

The Falcons are still looking for a punter and kicker before they open their season on the road in Wrightsville against Johnson County on September 1st.

Good luck to the Falcons this season and a big thanks to Coach Vic Thigpen for providing information on this year's squad.

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