'08 Creekside Safety With 2 Big Offers

Five-Star recruit Eric Berry may be the headliner when it comes to Creekside football, but junior defensive back Terrance Parks is stepping into the national spotlight. The 6-foot-1, 200 pounder could play corner or safety at the next level and already has offers from two top-notch Division I programs.

"Right now, it's Ohio State and Georgia," said Terrance Parks. "They're recruiting me pretty good.  Those are the only two right now that have offered me scholarships."

Parks may end up playing his college ball in the Sunshine State.

"I really like Ohio State and Georgia, but my interest is really in Florida schools," he said.  "As far as Miami and Florida State, I really like Florida schools."

Coaching staff is a key factor with Parks when evaluating his future school of choice.

"Well first, it's the coaches," Parks said. "The coaches have to show the players some love and make them feel at home.  I'm not really too big on staying close to home.  I'll leave to go away from home, but it all depends on the atmosphere and the coaches.  Of course, winning is important too."

He attended a Georgia game earlier this year and he hopes to visit Ohio State in the future.

"I went to Georgia probably about three weeks ago," Parks said.  "It was real exciting.  It was their homecoming game.  They lost that game, but I still had a great time.  They made me feel at home.  It was real cool."

"I'm going to try to visit Ohio State. I was talking to my brother and he said he was going to try and go up there.  I want to real bad. I mean I really like Ohio State.  They say it's a really great place."

What is it like to play in the same secondary with a high-profile prospect like Eric Berry?

"It's competitive," he said.  "We keep each other up.  We're real competitive.  We keep each other going and motivated.  We go up against each other in practice.  It's real fun." 

The 4th-ranked Creekside Seminoles (8-0) are one of the teams expected to vie for a 4A state championship. 

"Oh yea, I think we can," said Parks. "In my years of being here, this year is probably the best year I'll have a chance to make it to the state championship.  Our team has been together for four years, so I think we have a real good chance this year."

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