Parkview gets ready for East Coweta

The game will be played Saturday August 31st in the Georgia Dome.

Parkview and East Coweta's game in the Georgia Dome next weekend features the #1 and #4 ranked teams in Georgia's class AAAAA. The game will be played Saturday August 31st in the Georgia Dome.

"I am used to playing in the Dome," said Parkview's Sean Dawkins of the game.

Dawkins added that the Panther's preparations for East Coweta's unique offense and aggressive defense have gone well.

"Defensively, we have been preparing for the option and the wing-T. We are also preparing for the blitz. They send their linebackers constantly. East Coweta has pretty good linebackers and good defense overall. But we are going to run right at them."

However, Parkview's ability to run was damaged earlier this week when prep star Zeb McKinzey injured his toe during practice.

Reports are that McKinzey will be out from two to four weeks, but the Panthers might try to sneak him into the game with a protective covering over the toe. Still, doubt remains, for Parkview. Because of that, Parkview was forced to move fullback Matt Ramano to the offensive line.

"We are going to try to get the ball into the flats with our running backs," said Parkview quarterback Dustin Wade when asked about dealing with East Coweta's aggressive defense.

"Coach said that they are going to really pressure us with their linebackers. But we are going to try to run the ball against them."

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