Hornets Convincing in Win - VIDEO

Roswell went to the air, and they pounded it on the groud in a convincing 24-10 victory over Tift County. Read the recap and see the Scoring plays in this presentation by ScoutTV.

First Half Highlights

Roswell came out strong in the second half. Junior running back Alex Daniel got the Roswell crowd into it right off the bat when he freight trained a Tift County defender. 

The Roswell drive bogged down at the 35 yardline, and Tift County took over on downs with nine minutes left in the third quarter. 

The Hornets and Blue Devils traded punts as the third quarter wound down, but it was a special teams play that swung field position towards the Hornets. Roswell pinned Tift County down on the one inch line with a punt that rolled and was stopped short of the goal line by a Hornet defender that had his foot in the endzone. The high school rule only follows the ball, not the player. As long as the ball doesn't cross the plane of the goal line, it's not a touchback.

Roswell forced a Tift County punt, and took over at the Blue Devil 33.

Roswell took advantage of the good field position when quarterback Dustin Taliaferro hit Will Naclerio on a pretty go route in the corner of the endzone in the same spot that he threw his first touchdown in the second quarter. 

The score and PAT extended Roswell's lead to 21-10 with 1:30 left in the third quarter.

Roswell continued to build momentum against Tift County as they forced a quick three and out, taking about a minute off the clock.

Roswell turned to Alex Daniel and the ground game to round out the third quarter leading 21-10.

Roswell opened the fourth with more of Daniel, and the big man delivered a first down as the clock became a factor working against the Blue Devils.

It wasn't all Daniel though. Taliaferro rolled to his left and converted a third down on a beautiful 10 yard out route that kept the clock moving, and kept the Hornets heading for a put away score.

Tift County kept the Hornets out of the endzone, but Roswell converted a field goal to make it 24-10, but more importantly, they ran six minutes off the clock on the drive to leave 6:47 in the game.

The Roswell defense didn't let up much. Tift County got one first down, but the clamps came back down on the Blue Devils as they approached midfield. The Hornets forced a fumble on fourth down and took over on the Tift County 38 with 4:30 left in the game.

Roswell ran another minute and a half off the clock before Tift County took over on downs with three minutes left in the game.

Tift County went the wrong direction when they got the ball. After roughly 15 yards of sacks, they turned the ball over on downs, and Roswell took over on the Blue Devil 14 yardline with 1:28 left in the game.

Roswell knelt on the ball to kill the clock, and they will meet the winner of Warner Robins and Peachtree Ridge next week for the State Championship game.

Second Half Highlights:

First Half Highlights

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