Q & A with Brookwood LB Rennie Curran

One of the top prospects competing in last Friday's GACA All-Star game is Brookwood Linebacker and Georgia commit Rennie Curran. Curran performed great for the North team as they beat the South 17-7. Scout.com caught up with Rennie Curran after the game and asked him about his GACA All-Star week experience.

Q & A with Brookwood Linebacker Rennie Curran
By John Marchant

A great win for your North team today. What are your thoughts on today's game and your team's performance?

We all came together today. We all came together during the week. The team chemistry was good. So if anything went wrong, we still stayed positive. That's one thing that helped us. With a bunch of talented guys, everybody just had to step up and do their part. We did that really well with team chemistry, keeping focused, and everything. That's what made the difference I think.

For an all-star game, there were some Big-Time hits out there and guys were really getting after the football. Many of these guys are already committed and had nothing to prove, but you couldn't tell by the way they were playing in this game.

"Oh yea, I just felt like we had to have fun. This is our last time playing in a High School football game. Most of us had playoff games, so we just wanted to get that bad taste out of our mouth. Just go out here and pop some heads and have fun.

What was one of the things you enjoyed most during your three days here in Columbus?

Definitely just meeting new players. I had a lot of Georgia Tech players on my team. There are some guys that I had tried to recruit to Georgia. It was fun just hanging out with the guys. We went bowling and to the movies. I mean we had a lot of fun this week.

Who were some of the guys that you spent most of your time hanging out with this week?

Probably Nick Claytor, Logan Walls, Roddy Jones and Branden Sheppard.

Most of those are Tech players.

Yea, I'll be playing against those guys next year. It's pretty ironic how we've become good friends. I molded with pretty much every guy on the team. We all were real cool. We're probably going to keep in contact when this is all over. It was fun.

The next game you play will be for the Georgia Bulldogs. What are your thoughts on playing for Georgia?

Oh yea, whenever it comes to mind, I just think about how much work I've got to do. I'm ready to go to work. I'm excited about the responsibilities I have in front of me. It's definitely a blessing to have the opportunity to play for a coach like that, for people like that, and fans like that. It's crazy to even think about. So I'm just ready to go back to work and get ready to get over there. I want to make the best out of the situation.

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