Dublin QB Headed to Mountain West Conference

The Air Force Academy recently hosted Dublin quarterback Ben Cochran for an official visit in Colorado. After meeting with their new Head Coach Troy Calhoun, Cochran decided to give his verbal commitment to the Falcons.

Dublin High's Ben Cochran is another one of Peach State's 'under the radar' prospects.  The 6-foot-0, 185 pound quarterback led his team to a co-championship this season after a 13-13 tie with Charlton county in the state title game.  He completed 64 of 128 passes for 1,289 yards and 17 touchdowns while throwing just 3 interceptions. 

Cochran ended his recruitment after an official visit to the Air Force Academy last weekend. 

"It went real well," said Cochran. "I met the coaches. Then I got partnered up with a freshman player.  We went out to eat pizza and then to an arcade. We had a good time.'

"It was real good for the recruits to talk to freshman players who are going through the worse experience of the Air Force which is your freshman year. We asked them questions and talked to them about the ins and outs of the Academy.  We got a pretty good idea of how things work like basic training, classes, scheduling and the adjustments freshman players have to make."

Cochran told GAVSV.com that Head Coach Troy Calhoun and his coaching staff played a major role in his decision to play for the Falcons.

"Unbelievably impressive," Cochran said about his future head coach. "When you sit down and speak to the man, you know he's sharp.  He just has a demeanor about himself and you feel it.  He's a winner.  He's been to the highest level and he gains your respect two seconds after you enter in a room with him."

"His coaching staff is unbelievable.  I love Coach (Blane) Morgan, the quarterbacks coach.  He actually played at quarterback for Air Force, so that's exciting for me as a quarterback. It's good having a coach that I really like. A lot of the coaches are Academy graduates, so they know what your going through and they've been there.  It's good because they can relate to you."

Cochran is still undecided on a major. 



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