Q & A with GAC Quarterback Lee Chapple

Lee Chapple takes time out of his schedule to talk with GAVSV.com's John Marchant about his recruiting process.

Q & A with Greater Atlanta Christian Quarterback Lee Chapple.
By John Marchant

Not long ago, you picked up your first offer from Richmond University.  Have you received any other offers since then?

"I've actually picked up a couple of Division I-AA offers from Elon and some others, but I'm not really looking into those at this point right now.  The three schools that I have offers from are the three that I'm very interested in, Richmond, James Madison and University of Alabama at Birmingham."

Have you been on any official visits lately?

"I just got back from UAB this weekend and I enjoyed it.  Coach Callaway and his staff are one of the best in the country right now.  He just got down there.  They should turn that program around.  It should be a real nice program in a couple of years which is very appealing."

"I did take a visit to James Madison the week before that.  I really enjoyed the people and the atmosphere that they've created.  It was pretty cool."

What did UAB have to say about their quarterback situation?

"They've got a senior guy who was a rotating starter last year.  He'll be a senior this year.  His name is Sam Hunt.  They've got a redshirt sophomore and a redshirt freshman.  That is the only three down there. There's nobody behind them and there's no walk-ons.  There's just three scholarship guys down there."

How is everything going with your recruiting process? Are you enjoying it?  Is it a hassle?

"Sometimes it's a hassle, but I'm really enjoying it.  A lot of the guys I talk to say enjoy it because you only get to do it once.  It's been fun.  Sometimes it gets frustrating, but most of the time, it's really fun."

When do you plan on making your decision?

"I plan on making it about maybe half a week before signing day.  I don't think I'm gonna wait until signing day to make it.  It could even be earlier than that."

Have you decided on what you want to major in?

"Sports Management or Sports Medicine.  Anatomy has always been a love of mine actually, so I'm looking at Sports Medicine right now big time."

What were your stats from last season?

"I finished with 2,200 yards passing, 18 touchdowns and 5 pics."

You played through a nagging shoulder injury in the Dublin game. How is it doing now?

"It's a 100 percent right now actually.  I just started working out two weeks ago.  I rehabbed it during the winter and got back and started working hard for college. As soon as I get a schedule from the school I decide  to go to, I'll be working it out twice as hard then.  So we'll see."

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