East Coweta RB Visits Auburn

East Coweta running back Tim McGill is starting to get attention from some of the top programs around the southeast. He visited Auburn for their junior day on Saturday and talked to GAVSV.com about his trip.

East Coweta fullback Tim McGill from Sharpsburg, Ga. took his first recruiting visit last weekend and talked about his trip to the Plains.

"First, when we got there, we all had to register and all that stuff," said McGill. "Coach Tommy Tuberville talked to us about our academics, our grades and what they expect from their players. He told us that the football players get a special tutoring class."

"We toured the weight room.  I seen the inside of their field house. I went to their scrimmage game. They put a name tag on us, so the fans knew I was a prospect.  They had a lot of nice things to say. It was great."

As for the scrimmage, McGill replied "It was real intense. It was crazy. I couldn't believe the way the people in the stands were really getting into the game. It wasn't like a scrimmage game. I mean it was almost like a real game. I played against Mario Fannin and they had him at running back.  He scored like all their touchdowns and that was pretty awesome."

McGill (6-1, 225) came away extremely impressed with what the Auburn program and school had to offer.

"Yes sir, I just loved Auburn to death,"  McGill said laughing. "I mean I wouldn't mind touring other schools, but I really had a good time at Auburn."

He is still waiting for his first scholarship offer, but McGill is receiving a lot of interest. He said three schools currently stand out.

"Auburn, Clemson and Georgia right now," said McGill. "That would probably be my top three schools."

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