Q & A with Henry County WR Chris Jackson

Henry County wide receiver Chris Jackson was Georgia Tech's first commitment in the Class of 2008. Scout.com recently caught up with Jackson to check on the status of his commitment to the yellow Jackets.

Q & A with Henry County wide receiver Chris Jackson
By John Marchant

It's been a while since I last talked to you.  What have you been up to lately?

"Here lately, I've been just going around practices talking to recruits and trying to get them to play for Tech.  I've been trying to help Tech recruit.

Who are some of the guys that you've talked to that have interest in Georgia Tech, but are not yet committed?

"I've talked to Steven Sylvester, Nick McRae, Justin Tuggle and Dontavius Jackson, the running back from from Heard County.  I've been talking to him a lot.  I've been trying to get a couple of the top recruits like that up to Georgia Tech with me."

What do you think about the Georgia Tech coaching staff and new offensive coordinator, John Bond.

"They're wonderful. They're probably the best coaching staff I ever been around. The offense is looking great.  Coach John Bond is a wonderful guy.  Of course, Coach Buddy Geis, the wide receivers coach, he recruited me. They're looking real good.  The defense is looking good with Coach Jon Tenuta and Coach Giff Smith.  Especially Coach Chan Gailey, he's done a real good job with the program with all the new coaches and everything."

Have they said anything to you about how they're planning to utilize your athletic ability?

"No Sir, They haven't told me anything about that yet."

I know you've gotten familiar with the campus and atmosphere with your attendance at practice these past few weeks.  What are your thoughts on playing for Georgia Tech and the overall feel of being at the campus?

"I love it up there. Every coach and everything up there makes you feel like your already a part of the family even though I'm not there yet. What made me go there is it's close to home and my family can be there for me all the time and everything. But it's right in the middle of Atlanta and when your there it don't even seem like your in Atlanta. It feels like your just at another college campus somewhere."

Even though you're committed to Georgia Tech, are there any other schools still recruiting you?

"A couple of coaches still text me here and there, but I don't send anything back. A couple of people have come by the school and I don't talk to them or whatever.  The Coach told me that they're going to hit hard this spring and there still going to come by the school even though your committed.  You've just got to tell them that your fully committed to Tech which I'm going to do.  That's where I want to go."

You committed very early to Georgia Tech.  Do you feel like you got a chance to enjoy the recruiting process? 

"Oh yea, I've loved it. Last summer, before I even committed to Tech, I went to a lot of college campuses and camps like Florida State and Tennessee.  They all tell you the same thing, but Georgia Tech just stood out.  Their coaching staff and everything just stood out to me. I loved it there.  That's what helped me make that decision."

What did you think about the Georgia Tech spring game?

"The spring game was awesome, man. It was the best atmosphere. I didn't even know there was going to be that many fans there. They just came out and supported us well. It was very nice. The offense looked really good. The defense did too.  I got to meet some of the other recruits. I tried to help them make the right decision and come on up to Georgia Tech."

I know Calvin Johnson was there on the sidelines.  Did you get to talk to him?

"I did talk to Calvin.  Calvin gave me some good advice. He told me to stay humble and everything.  That's about it."

On Friday, April 20th, Chris Jackson will be appearing in the Elite 11 Quarterback camp at Georgia Tech.  Jackson will be catching passes for Henry county teammate/quarterback Drew Little.   

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