The Wait is Over for Alex Daniel

A Mountain West Conference program became the first school to extend a scholarship offer to Roswell running back Alex Daniel on Thursday night. talked to the talented 2008 prospect about receiving his first offer.

Alex Daniel received his first offer from the Air Force Head Coach on Thursday night.

"I was at a student church meeting at school that night and Coach Troy Calhoun called my Dad while I was gone," said Daniel. "He told him that he saw my film and he liked it. He said he was ready to give me an offer."

Daniel and his Dad are very excited about receiving his first offer from the Air Force Academy. They're also very impressed with Coach Troy Calhoun.

"I know they're in a good Conference out in the West with a bunch of competitive schools," said Daniel. "Coach Calhoun said that I was one of their top 12 recruits in the country.  He said he was installing a Pro Set offense in the program coming from the NFL and I was a perfect fit for them."

"We were very impressed with Coach Calhoun and his past NFL experience with the Houston Texans and the Denver Broncos."

Other than Air Force, Daniel is getting a good bit of attention from Boston College, Southern Miss, Vanderbilt and Alabama.  Tennessee just sent him a letter asking him to attend their one day Senior Elite camp.

However, Tulane may be the next school to offer the 5-foot-11, 198-pound running back a scholarship. Daniel has been receiving a lot of text messages from Coach Thomas Woods. He has been in contact with Coach McFarlin at Roswell High as well.

Daniel will be attending Alabama's team meetings and practice on Saturday.

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