GAC Linebacker Up To Six Offers

Greater Atlanta Christian linebacker Christian Robinson holds six scholarship offers and is getting serious attention from a number of other programs. The 6-foot-3, 195-pounder talked to about next season's expectations, visiting two SEC schools and the latest in his recruiting.

Greater Atlanta Christian linebacker Christian Robinson is a solid prospect, having already landed a number of scholarship offers.

"I've got offers from Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina State, Vanderbilt, Duke and Wake Forest," said Robinson.

His latest offers came from Georgia and South Carolina.  Robinson recently got to see both teams in action.
"I went to the South Carolina spring game last Saturday and I went to the Georgia game the week before," he said.

Georgia - "Georgia was amazing," Robinson said. "I just enjoyed the trip and everything they got going on over there. I got to talk to all the coaches."

"I've been around the Georgia coaches several times because of Brannan Southerland, Caleb King and our guys that signed with them. I just got to know the coaches a little better."

"I talk to Coach Mark Richt. He pulled me and my parents into his office. He talked about the recruiting process and how they wanted me. Then he just talked about normal life things and that was pretty cool."

South Carolina - "Well, my Dad played for South Carolina, so we've been going back and forth to Columbia over the years," said Robinson. "This is probably the most impressive year that I've seen there. You can really see all the good things that Coach Steve Spurrier has done since he's been there."

"The weight room looks brand new. The facility that they're building looks amazing. A lot of people know my Dad there, so we get to meet a lot of the people that he knew."

The spring game was great. I like Coach Spurrier. He likes to do trick plays and it really keeps the other team on their toes. That's just Coach Spurrier and the type of coach that he is. The coaching staff that he has is just great."

"I like the new uniforms and everything. Coach Spurrier said that South Carolina is one of the only teams to not win a SEC championship and his goal this year is to be the first South Carolina team to win a SEC championship."

Georgia, South Carolina, and Vanderbilt are the top three schools recruiting Robinson the hardest right now. Duke and Wake Forest send him mail and text messages on a daily basis.

Which schools lead for the GAC linebacker prospect?

"It really is wide open," he said. "I had a top five in my mind, but South Carolina completely blew that up on Saturday. It opened more doors for me and made me realize that there are some more good schools out there. I'm probably going to take my time and take more visits before I make a decision.

Last year, Greater Atlanta Christian (11-2) advanced to the third round of the state playoffs before losing 31-21 to Dublin, the eventual state champions. The Spartans will lose several key players to graduation, but expectations remain high for the Region 6B-AA powerhouse in 2007.

What are the expectations for your team next season?

"They have not changed at all," said Robinson. "We expect to be one of the top teams. We won't have any big names that a lot of people will know about.  Nobody is going to come to the game expecting to see a Caleb King, T-Bob Hebert or Lee Chapple.  We won't get as much publicity, so I think that we will help us sneak up on some teams."

"Our goal is still to go all the way.  It's kind of a cliche', but that's our goal. Every year, that's what we try to do at GAC. I think this group of seniors are a little tighter than the past groups.  I think just having that tight group, we will be able to do the things that we weren't able to do."

The GAC defense will be led by last season's leading tackler Christian Robinson.

"I think defensively, we have two returning defensive backs.  This is probably the most experience we've had at linebacker. We've played together for three years.  We have Blake Southerland (Brannan Southerland's little brother), me, Ben Donald, and a couple of other linebackers. I think linebacker will be our strength because we've played together so much."

"At defensive line, we have a lot of guys that have played, but I think this year they'll have to step it up a little bit.  I think they're good right now. We just need to work on the mental toughness and just getting to know each other. They haven't played together at the same time.  This will be the year that they show everybody what they can do."

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