C-USA Program Close To Offering David Noel

The recruiting process may have cooled down a bit for David Noel, but a Conference USA program has certainly turned it up for the big Monroe High offensive lineman prospect.

Not long ago, David Noel appeared to be on the verge of picking up his first offer. Big name schools like Georgia, Florida State, Auburn, Ole Miss and Georgia Tech were all showing solid interest in the 6-foot-1, 284-pounder.

He's still waiting for his first offer, but UAB, a Conference-USA program, appears to be very close.

"I'm still waiting, but University of Alabama Birmingham said they want to offer me," said Noel. "They said they had to take a closer look at me first. They want to check on my grades and everything like that before they offer."

"I'm still hearing from some schools like Vanderbilt and Louisville. They came to the school the other day. I've also talked to Air Force, but UAB is showing me the most interest right now."

Not only is Noel considered one of the top Peach State prospects on the offensive line, but he's getting looks on the defensive line as well.

"A lot of schools are talking to me about playing defense," said Noel. "I played both ways last year, so I'm pretty wide open about where I play in college. It really doesn't matter to me at all."

Which schools would Noel most like to receive an offer?

"Florida, Georgia and Louisville." said Noel. "Miami would be great. They put a lot of people in the NFL, so it would be great to play for them."

Noel said he plans to attend camps at Georgia, Florida, UAB and Louisville this summer. He's been working out hard getting ready for his senior season. He claims a 405 bench and 650 squat.

He will be participating in State for Track with the shot put and discus in a couple of weeks.

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