Lamar Brown Is Waiting On First Offer

Jefferson County running back Lamar Brown still waits for his first scholarship offer but says that the attention is still coming from schools all over the Southeast.

"I'm still getting interest from different schools, but nobody has offered me yet," said Lamar Brown. "Tulane has started sending me a lot of stuff. They said they were going to stay in touch with me and they sent me a questionnaire. Their Coach said he knew about me."

"Other than that, the same schools are sending me mail and stuff. A few coaches came to my school last week. A Central Florida coach came by the school and I talked to the Florida State Running Backs Coach, Dexter Carter. He came to the school the other day as well."

Brown has been really busy competing in Track for Jefferson County, so he hasn't attended any junior days recently.

He plans to attend the Combine in Atlanta on May 26th and some selected college camps during the summer.

"Our spring practice starts on May 14th," said Brown. "Me, my Coach, and my Dad have been trying to decide which camps I'm going to go to this summer."

"I'm thinking about going to Central Florida, Troy, Middle Tennessee and a couple of others. As soon as they start, I'm going to try and visit as many as I can."

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