Two Offers For Lovejoy Safety

Lovejoy safety prospect Michael Greene will be looking to make a statement in the 2007 season. Last year, Greene had to play at quarterback due to an injury to Kyle Lacy, but this year he's back to being an athletic hard-hitting safety that already holds a couple of offers.

"My only offers are from Eastern Kentucky and Ohio," said Michael Greene. "Eastern Kentucky offered after they came by to see my spring game.  A lot of schools were waiting to see my spring game, so after that, my recruiting really picked up again.  I did real well in the spring game.  Ohio just offered me this week."

Virginia, Louisville, and Auburn are just some of the schools also talking about possibly offering the 6-foot-2, 190-pounder.  Several schools want to see just how well Greene makes the transition from offense to defense before they decide to offer the super athlete. 

"It's been fun making the transition from quarterback to safety," Greene said. "It was good to get back at it again.  At first, I had to get back into the hitting mode.  As a quarterback, you get in there with the green jersey on and no one is allowed to touch you."

"The first couple of days it was about getting in the safety mentality.  We did the Oklahoma drill and after that, things just started clicking for me.  It went much easier than I thought it would and I think I did pretty well."

Just recently, Greene finished second in the state in the high jump and he was one of the top prospects in attendance at the Elite Camp last Saturday.

"I think I did very well at the Camp overall," he said. "The foot work drills went pretty well for me. I liked those.  All of the hip rotation stuff was great. I liked jamming the wide receivers a lot. I thought that was a lot of fun against some of the top receivers in the nation. It shows the competitiveness that a person has inside and I think it went very well overall."

It's going to be a busy summer for Greene.  He's already making plans to camp at Auburn, Georgia Tech, Louisville, and plans to visit Eastern Kentucky and Ohio.

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