Shaw Fills Void

Jerrell Mabry is already a one-man touchdown machine, and his skill at running the pigskin might help assuage Shaw fans who still bemoan the graduation of their triple terrors: Anthony Wilbur, Troy Bergeron and Lamar Lucas.

Mabry, a sophomore running back, picked up three touchdowns in eight possessions in the first half of Thursday night's game against Harris County. The ninth-ranked Shaw eased into a 41-3 victory at Kinnett Stadium.

Only two offensive starters returned to the Raider team this year, but Shaw's offensive front opened holes for Mabry and Mabry took advantage of weakness in the Harris County defensive line to make opportunities for himself.

"The 6-foot-3, 261-pounder bulldozed his way up the middle, then when he hit the open flats, he turned on the jets and headed for the end zone," according to a Columbus Ledger Enquirer story.

Another talented offensive teammate, Daginald Wheeler, orchestrated a duet with Mabry, rushing for 64 yards and completing two passes for 43 yards. The senior wowed the crowd with a one-handed grab in the third quarter that he turned into a 28-yard touchdown run.

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