Fitzgerald Coach Pleased After Big Win

Fitzgerald coach Robby Pruitt sat down to discuss their big victory over Irwin County with GAVSV's Ryan Jordan after Friday nights game.

Ryan Jordan: What does a win in this game mean to your program?

Coach Pruitt: "Well you know, it's a big rivalry in our two communities with us being so close together. It's a big win any time you can beat your rival. Coming over here and beating them with a new coach and a new stadium and fireworks and all that, so it was a little bit special tonight."

Ryan Jordan: Did you prepare your kids any different for an environment like this?

Coach Pruitt: "This game is always pretty much like this. Really and truly the environment didn't seem as overwhelming as it usually does because with their old stadium the fans were right on top of you. There's always a lot of people at this game. We play big games here ever year with the Thomasville's and the Charlton's so our kids are used to kind of being in that environment."

Ryan Jordan: You stuffed their running game tonight. Do you think that was the key to the win?

Coach Pruitt: "Oh, no question. Like you said, I thought we did some good things offensively in the first half but we've got a lot of young guys playing and we looked young on offense in that second half."

Ryan Jordan: Coach, you had around 9 penalties and a couple of turnovers. Is that something your a little concerned with going forward?

Coach Pruitt: "Oh yeah, we were very sloppy. Like I said, I'm real disappointed in our offense, especially in that second half.We did some good things in the first half, I think we had almost 200yds rushing in that half but there's nothing else to call that second half but ugly."

Ryan Jordan: Jemea Thomas really played outstanding tonight, can you talk a little bit about him?

Coach Pruitt: "Yeah, he's a good player and he's got a great chance. He's a heck of an athlete and a strong kid. He's playing all of the special teams and goes both ways. I kind of wish he could be fresh on some of those runs because I think a lot of those he could break. He's just a great player and really did some great things for us.

Ryan Jordan: What are your expectations for the rest of the season?

Coach Pruitt: "Our expectations are to win all of them. We've got a tough region and a lot of tough non-region games with teams like Dodge County. Our last four games, I did a horrible job of pulling them out of the hat, we've got Early County and Thomasville, Cook and Brooks all back to back and they each have an off week before they play us so we've got a tough road ahead of us."

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