Jackson Sets up Official Visit to SEC School

Defensive end Toby Jackson will be in attendance at one of this weekend's biggest games. So, where is the four-star standout headed?

Two weeks after making the drive from Griffin, Ga. to Tallahassee, Fla. for the annual Florida State-Miami showdown, Scout.com four-star defensive end Toby Jackson has set up an official visit for this weekend.

After witnessing two Atlantic Coast Conference powerhouses at work, the 6-foot-4 and 240-pounder will witness firsthand two of the Southeastern Conference's finest do battle when he heads off to Tuscaloosa, Ala.

"I am going to see Alabama play LSU this weekend," Jackson said. "I have been wanting to go down there for a while now. I am excited about seeing them play."

Jackson, who was at one time committed to Georgia, says that he is anxious to see it all when he gets to Alabama.

"I just want to get a feel for the environment," Jackson said. "I want to see how they play defense and I want to talk to the coaches. It's important for me to learn about everything from football to classes to everything else."

As mentioned, Jackson was at Florida State not too long ago for an unofficial visit. While there, he got to speak to his would-be position coach Jody Allen.

As it turns out, Jackson says that he has a very good relationship with Allen.

"He is a good coach," Jackson said. "He just talks to me about how they will use me on their defense. I set up an official visit there for in January sometime.

Jackson, who said he will make a decision once he has visited each school of his choosing, has a top five of Georgia, Alabama, FSU, LSU and Auburn in no particular order.

Jackson is one of the top players in all of Georgia.

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