Q&A: Kennesaw Mountain's Bryce Ros

Three-star prospect and University of Georgia commit shares the latest with

Q: What have you been up to since the high school football season ended?

Bryce Ros: Since my high school season ended I have been working out and getting ready for UGA on an extremely intense workout program that I have used for three years. I took a little bit of time off before the holidays and am now on my full time workout program.

Q: Despite being committed to the University of Georgia, have other schools continued to recruit you?

Ros: As far as other schools, none have really kept recruiting me in a while. I tried my best when I called all of them when I committed to UGA to let them know that I was not interested. Every coach was extremely understanding and respectful regaurding my decision.

Q: So, it's safe to say you are firmly committed to UGA?

Ros: I am without a doubt firmly committed to UGA and would not change that for anything in the world. It is the greatest school in the country and without a doubt will bring back a national championship soon.

Q: What is it you like most about UGA?

Ros: UGA is a great place with real people and a great football program and a school that has a tradition of excellence. There is no coach or coaching staff I would rather play for than Coach (Mark) Richt and his staff. There is nothing better and I cannot wait for my chance to get up there.

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