Peachtree Ridge's Minter Now Holds 9 Offers

National Junior 100 member Kevin Minter is garnering more and more interest from some of the nation's premier college football programs.

Last we heard from Peachtree Ridge star Kevin Minter, the Junior National 100 member boasted four scholarship offers from some top-flight programs in the southeastern part of the United States.

Well, that list has more than doubled and is starting to reach further west and further north as time passes.

Minter, who measures in at 6-foot and 235-pounds, now holds offers from Virginia, Kentucky, Ole Miss, West Virginia, South Carolina, Purdue, LSU and North Carolina State.

"It feels good," Minter told "All my hard work is paying off. All the training I have done and all the good coaching I have gotten is helping and it feels good to be noticed by college coaches."

And the previously mentioned nine schools aren't the only ones that have taken notice to Minter's standout play on the gridiron. He has even been to visit two ACC and two SEC programs by invitation.

"I have been to Georgia, Florida, Florida State and Georgia Tech," Minter said. "I visited the first three (UGA, UF and FSU) during the season and it was fun. I went to Tech's Junior Day. I was invited so I wanted to go to each school and check them all out."

So, has Minter heard anything more from any of those schools to make him think that his list of nine scholarship offers will soon grow?

"I read in the newspaper that Georgia might offer me," Minter said. "I talked to the coaches at Florida not too long ago and I think they are going to offer soon too. I haven't heard anything from Florida State."

While Minter is awaiting word on whether or not those offers will come through from the Bulldogs and Gators, he is also gearing up for a senior season in which his every move will be watched as one of the top players in the Peach State.

And Minter will likely play his entire senior year knowing exactly where he will be playing college football in 2009.

"I am planning on committing to a school this summer before the season starts," Minter said.

And that decision will be one that has been thought about and discussed with his family.

"He pretty much confides in me about the whole process," Kevin's older brother, Murray Minter, said. "We talk about the good and bad things about each school. He just wants to make the best decision."

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