Atlanta Native Dwight Howard is NBA Dunk King

Orlando Magic and former Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy star wins 2008 NBA Dunk Contest.

Dwight Howard entered Saturday night's 2008 NBA Dunk Contest boasting the most number of dunks (177) through the first half of the regular season of any player in professional basketball.

But of those nearly 200 dunks, none are more memorable than the four that the former Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy displayed during the all-star festivities in New Orleans.

And in the end, the Orlando Magic center, who will make the first all-star game start of his young career Sunday, earned the title of champion.

Here is a breakdown of Howard's four dunks:

Dunk 1: Howard stood behind the backboard and, in one fluid motion, bounced the basketball off the backside of the hoop, grabbed it with his left hand and swung his arm underneath the hoop and into the net. He did this all while looking through the glass of the backboard.

Dunk 2: Howard stripped off his Magic jersey to display a Superman t-shirt and he even donned a red cap as he took off from just inside the free-throw line before throwing the ball down through the hoop.

Dunk 3: Howard bounced the ball off the ground with one hand, lept into the air and used the other hand to bat the ball off of the backboard. While still in the air he grabbed the deflected ball and slammed it home.

Dunk 4: Howard attached the ball to the backboard, jumped into the air and grabbed the ball off the backboard and slammed it home.

Howard edged out defending champion Gerald Green for the title.

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