ECI's J.C. Lanier a Yellow Jacket All the Way

Talented defensive lineman plans on staying true to his word and Georgia Tech.

Emanuel County Institute defensive lineman J.C. Lanier believes in being honest and true to your word.

And when he made a commitment to Georgia Tech earlier this month, he meant it 100 percent. And despite the fact that National Signing Day for the 2009 class is 11 months away, Yellow Jackets fans can rest assured that Lanier's name will appear on that final list of prospects come February '09.

"I made a commitment to them and I am sticking by that no matter what," Lanier told "You are only as good as as your word and I gave my word to Georgia Tech when I committed to them."

Lanier points to his feelings on new head coach Paul Johnson when asked why he was so sure that Georgia Tech was definitely the place for him.

"Georgia Tech had been recruiting me before the coach was fired and when he was let go I didn't think they were going to continue," Lanier said, referring to the dismissal of former head coach Chan Gailey. "But when Paul Johnson got there he kept recruiting me hard. Then I went to their Junior Day and I knew it was the place for me. Coach Johnson is a coach that knows what it takes to win.

"And he's built a great staff around him that is only going to help me get better."

The 6-foot-2 1/2 and 345-pound defender says that he is also fond of the Atlanta area and the style of the Yellow Jacket campus.

"I like Atlanta," Lanier said. "People think that Georgia Tech is this big school that you are going to get lost at but what most people don't realize is that it's a actually a small, comfortable school that is just in a big city. I have some family up there and it's going to be easy for them and my family here to see me play."

Lanier's desire to get the recruiting process over as quick as possible comes on the heals of his standout effort as a junior in helping ECI capture a state crown.

With his senior season looming, Lanier revealed that he is excited but is in no rush to defend that title just yet.

"It's going to be a lot of fun playing as a champion and trying to get another one," said Lainer, who said that Clemson has been asking him to attend their Junior Day (in which his reply is a polite, "no thank you"). "But at the same time, I want to take it all in and take it day by day because after this that is it.

"There is no more high school football after this year and I want to enjoy my last year."

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