Henry County's Patterson Gets Some Good News

Jamal Patterson is one of the top playmakers in all of Georgia and he recently received some news that further displays that.

Henry County wide receiver Jamal Patterson has been bust preparing for his senior season recently. He has also been busy fielding scholarship offers from a host of schools all around the southeast.

Recently, however, the offensive star took a break from both to receive some good news.

"I have just been selected to play in the Under Armour All-America game on ESPN," Patterson told GAVSV.com.

The inaugural Under Armour contest took place this past year and featured some of the top senior prospects in the entire country. As it turns out, Patterson's acceptance to play in the game, however, may not be a given.

Not too long after he notified GAVSV.com of the invite, he got some more good news.

"I have now gotten invited to the U.S. Army game, too," Patterson revealed.

So, which all-star contest will he compete in? And which school will he sign with next February?

Such are the choices when you are one of the top players in not only Georgia but in the entire country.

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