SEC Program Requests Information

Chase Graham is a talented signal caller from South Paulding High School.

The last time heard from Chase Graham, the South Paulding High standout was fielding letters from the likes of North Carolina of Wake Forest.

Now, it turns out that an SEC program has expressed their interest in the star signal caller.

"Vanderbilt has contacted me," Graham said. "They have asked that I send them my transcripts. I did that I think a week or so ago so hopefully I hear back from them soon."

So, what does Graham know about the Commodores?

"Vanderbilt is a good school," he said. "I have never been there but I know some about them. They play good and they have really good academics, which is good."

In addition to correspondence with Vanderbilt, Wofford has submitted the same request for Graham's transcripts.

"I don't really know anything about them except that it's a good academic school," Graham revealed.

With his senior season looming and Graham looking to continue to improve with the hopes of impressing college coaches, he has been working hard this off-season.

"We have an off-season program that we do," Graham said. "And I go over things with my coach almost every day. I just want to do whatever I can to get better."

Here's a look at Graham in action on the gridiron:

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