Harrison High's Godhigh Talks Recruiting

Robert Godhigh is a speedy tailback from Kennesaw and he talks to GAVSV.com about the latest.

Robert Godhigh is a talented running back/defensive back prospect from Harrison High School.

Tuesday night the 5-foot-6 and 185-pound speedster spoke to GAVSV.com about the latest in his recruitment.

GAVSV: Have you received any scholarship offers yet?

Godhigh: No sir, not yet. But I have been getting a lot of mail.

GAVSV: Who has been contacting you?

Godhigh: I have been hearing from Auburn, LSU, Georgia Tech North Carolina State, Mississippi State, Iowa and Clemson. Those are the main ones.

GAVSV: Have you ever visited any of those campuses?

Godhigh: I went to N.C. State back in October for a game. It was okay. The facilities weren't as nice as I thought they would be.

GAVSV: Do you have plans to take any more visits to some of those schools that have been contacting you?

Godhigh: I know that I am going to Auburn this summer for a camp. I don't know about any others yet.

GAVSV: Do you know what position these programs are looking at you as?

Godhigh: I am pretty sure running back. That is what it has said in the mail.

GAVSV: What do you think these college coaches like about your ability to carry the football.

Godhigh: I would say probably my ability to see the field and to find the holes when I am running.

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