Westminster's Joel Gets to the Quarterback

L.B. Joel is a talented pass rusher that prides himself on his ability to make plays all over the place on defense. Read on to find out the latest on Joel's college recruitment.

The Westminster School's L.B. Joel wants college coaches to know that he excels at a certain aspect as a defender.

"I think my capability to rush the passer is my greatest asset as a player," Joel told GAVSV.com Tuesday night. "I feel like I can do that best on the field."

At last check, Joel's ability to get to the quarterback also went hand in hand with a 6-3, 215-pound frame.

On the cusp of his final prep season, opposing quarterbacks should understand that his frame has changed.

"I am now up to 232 pounds and I haven't lost any speed," Joel revealed.

Joel used spring practice to not only hone his skills as a defensive end but to learn a few new position as well.

This upcoming season he is slated to play a little linebacker as well.

"I have been working some at middle and outside linebacker," Joel said. "I like to think that I can fit into any defense at different positions."

On the recruiting trail, Joel hasn't yet received any offers but he has been hearing from a handful of colleges.

"I have been getting letters from Wofford, Tulane, Princeton and Georgia Tech," Joel said. "Georgia Tech invited me to their camp this summer and I am going to go. I am also going to go to camps at Clemson and Vanderbilt."

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