'09 Q&A: Warner Robins' Rashad Wynes

Star wide receiver/running back prospect shares the latest with GAVSV.com.

GAVSV.com: You competed in this past weekend's Under Armour/Scout.com Combine. How did you do?

Rashad Wynes: I felt like I did good. I weighed a little heavy but my 40-yard dash time was still good at 4.47 (seconds).

GAVSV.com: What is your current weight?

RW: I am 215 pounds right now.

GAVSV.com What weight do you want to be at when you kick off your senior season?

RW: I want to be at this weight I am now. I just want to make sure that I maintain my speed and don't lose a step.

GAVSV.com: Did you work out as a running back or a wide receiver in Atlanta?

RW: I worked as a wide receiver.

GAVSV.com: Is that the position you feel the most comfortable playing?

RW: I feel comfortable at both. I kind of like wide receiver better, though, because I can use my size against cornerbacks.

GAVSV.com: What position are you being recruited to play?

RW: Most colleges are looking at me as a receiver and a few are looking at me as a running back. UAB coaches told me that they like me as an athlete. They want to use me like Florida uses Percy Harvin.

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