Cobras ready to strike

Like their namesake, the Twiggs County Cobras strike fast. For the most part, their victims are finished moments after kickoff. The venom for these Cobras is a suffocating defense and a high flying offense that has put 340 points on the scoreboard this season.

"Our offense is a fast-paced offense, we try to do a lot of things to distract the defense," says Twiggs County Head Coach Dexter Copeland. "On defense we just try to fly to the ball and hit as hard as we can."

The Cobras'10-0 season is no surprise to veteran observers. What may be a surprise is that this same Twiggs County squad could only muster three wins all of last year. So what has been added to the water down in Jeffersonville?

"It's definitely been a team effort", explained Copeland, "It all boils down to the year-round work in the weight room that we're getting from all our players."

While the weight-lifting program may be one reason for the turnaround, another may be the turnout on the field. The Cobras have 43 players in uniform on Friday nights, up 20 from 2001. One of those players is Michael Cunningham, a 6'4, 175-pound wide receiver who is getting a lot of attention from college recruiters.

"It feels good to be recruited by so many different colleges," says Cunningham, "but what really feels good is being undefeated and headed to the playoffs this season, especially after last year."

With the Region 7-A Championship already added to their name and the first round of state right around the corner, these Cobras aim to sink their fangs into all the rest of the state has to offer.

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